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Seamstress NYC Owner

Our service is owned and run by Leah Weinman
Leah has worked in the garment center all her life, including 10 years for Anne Klein LLC. She studied Textiles and Design at the University of Delaware and Pattern Making and Tailoring at F.I.T.


Customer Comments:
Dear Leah,

You are truly the best. The goddess of fabric, the genius of cloth- you are really just an artist. I can't believe that you turned my dress from something I was so stressed about into a gown I want to wear everyday (and you did it in such a short time, too!) ! I've been trying to think of how to thank you, besides just saying it, because you are really just amazing. Besides just  being a wonderful person who put me at ease immediately, you made my wedding dress something I felt comfortable in- and most importantly, something I felt beautiful in!

Everyone just raved about how beautiful the dress was- people who saw it before all thought it was so much better after you had worked your magic! It was just such a wonderful day, and you had such a big part in it, I don't really know if I can thank you enough. I kept giving thanks to you in my head the whole time- I am so grateful to you.



HI Leah!!!

Again, I can not thank you enough...my dress was gorgeous!  Everyone was in awe...and few knew what it took to get it to that point.
Best of all I felt beautiful in it! 
You are my seamstress hero!!!!

  Thanks so much for taking the time to meet Angie. She was really glad to have someone down to earth and not judgemental to work with! 

Hey Leah, I just received the jersey and wanted to thank you for a job well done. All the best. -Peter

Just want you to know that I received your package.  Good Quality work. 

  I received the muslin samples in the mail yesterday. I was very pleased with the sewing quality!!

Thanks for putting HOPE back in me... you're reassuring my dream is a reality.

  Thanks so much for your fast reply. The no minimum order is definately why we chose you. As we are small and hoping to grow alot within the next year...large MOQ's just don't make it possible for us...so we are thoroughly excited that you are willing to start and grow with us!!

Leah, you have been so helpful and quick to respond. I have never experienced any better customer service than you have provided. Most companies I have e-mailed make it sooo difficult to get anywhere that I just finally give up!! It seems people are so against small companies. Don't they realize that you have to start somewhere??? You have been there and done this so any of your personal comments are greatly appreciated!!
Holli Revell
Swanky Baby Vintage