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Consumer Alterations Price List

children's hem $12

adult pant and skirt hem $15

adult pant hem with cuff $18

adult pant and skirt hem lined $25

Full skirt hem $28

special occasion hem $38 plus $18 each layer

special occasion hem full skirt $48

hem straight skirt $15

hem flared skirt $20

hem flared, lined skirt $25

waist in/out $25

replace zipper pant and skirt $26

replace zipper jacket $35

replace zipper long coat or jacket $40 

take in side seams dress/pant, unlined $28

take in side seams dress/pants, lined $38

narrow shoulders unlined $38

narrow shoulders lined $48

shorten or lengthen jacket sleeves (no buttons or lining) $20

shorten/lengthen jacket sleeve with buttons $34

shorten or lengthen jacket sleeves w/lining $38

shorten/lengthen jacket sleeve with lining and buttons $45

take in side seams, jacket, lined $55

take in side seams, jacket, unlined $40

re-line jacket $75

re-line mid-length coat $95

re-line long coat $120

sewing lessons $35 per hour

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